Cathy Morehead


A kitchen can be a portal to the soul of a home. It is a place of family and comfort. Design your kitchen to express who you are. Bring out your inner Julia Child! First and foremost, a kitchen must cook! It should be well organized and employ an intelligent work flow making efficient use of space for both the solitary chef and multiple cooks. Today's kitchen must also be multi-functional. The kitchen is no longer just a place to prepare and cook meals and often contains space for an office, an entertainment and dining area. CM+A approach the rediesgn of each individual space by optimizing its unique attributes and maintaining a cohesive design throughout.



To quote Petrula Vrontikis "Practice safe design: Use a concept." Nowhere is this more appropriate than in designing a bedroom. A master bedroom in particular says so much about about its occupant. When furnishing a bedroom you need to decide first what the feel and look of the room needs to be. Do you want a sanctuary, calm and devoid of all electronics and phones, soothing in its textures in colors? Or do you fancy an Arabian Nights experience? Whatever your wants and needs, find your concept first and lay out your space to follow. Create a 'look book' or hire a professional to help. If you start out with a refined concept you will look forward to coming home to a good night's luxurious sleep.



It may be the smallest room in the house, but the impact of wonderful bathroom decor can be enormous. Certain colors in specific combinations can make a bathroom appear larger than it really is. Texture and lines can also influence the overall design of a bathroom. If a full bathroom remodel is not practical for you, freshen up with color, a new mirror and towels and accessories. Bathrooms in most homes only allow a few configurations due to available space. Floating the vanity cabinet off the floor 8 to 10 inches or putting it up on legs is one way to create the illusion of more space.


Color and Materials

"Color is a creative element, not a trimming" - Piet Zwart. Color transforms our world, whether in a place of commerce or along city streets. Color brightens. It improves our experience of a place, a building or even just a room. In choosing color, it's good to follow nature's lead. A successful color design is creative and environmentally progressive. It can make the difference between someone wanting to be somewhere, or not.

CM+A provdes distinctive and sophisticated exterior color design with over 20 years experience in exterior colors design and materials design. We are committed to the creation of inspired buildings, beautiful communities and imaginative environments. We design exterior color and material specifications for the commercial, retail, hospitality and residential building industries.