Cathy Morehead

Bedroom Design

To quote Petrula Vrontikis "Practice safe design: Use a concept." Nowhere is this more appropriate than in designing a bedroom. A master bedroom in particular says so much about about its occupant.

When furnishing a bedroom you need to decide first what the feel and look of the room needs to be. Do you want a sanctuary, calm and devoid of all electronics and phones, soothing in its textures and colors? Or do you fancy an Arabian Night experience of deep colors and contrasts? Whatever your wants and needs, find your concept first and layout your space to follow. Create a 'look book' or hire a professional to help. If you start out with a refined concept you will look forward to coming home to a good night's luxurious sleep.

Bedroom Lighting

Add mystery and intrigue to a bedroom by selecting multiple light levels. Use of lamps - standing or table - are a great way to paint vignettes and tones in a room through light. Recessed overhead lighting should be used sparingly to highlight art or provide a safe path of travel. Candles add warmth to dresser tops or side tables. Many stores now sell flameless wax votive candles that provide a beautiful safe alternative in the bedroom, some even come with remote controls.

The Perfect Bedroom

Be ambitious if you have the resources. if you have a good garden, city or even ocean view for example, consider maximizing that by installing ceiling-to-floor windows. That can make a dramatic difference to any bedroom. Find a focal point for the bedroom interior. It is usually the wall where the bed is to be placed.

If you choose to work with simple but dramatic headboards, you need to explore your personal style and possibly have custom headboards made to accentuate your bed according to your mood.

A perfect bedroom should have a soft seating area if space permits. Place upholstered chairs or a chaise lounge in the bedroom to provide a more inviting and personal feeling within the room.

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    Master Bedroom with Ocean View
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    Master Bedroom
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    Master Bedroom
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