Cathy Morehead

Bathroom Design

Design opportunities are endless - from classy, minimalistic and hotel-inspired to country comfort style. Playing with wallpaper, color schemes, fixtures, cabinetry, bathtub styles are all part of the adventure.


Certain colors in specific combinations can make a bathroom appear larger than it really is. Texture and lines can also influence the overall design of a bathroom. If a full bathroom remodel is not practical for you, so much can be achieved if you freshen up with color, a new mirror with towels and accessories.


Bathrooms in most homes only lay out in a few configurations due to available space. Floating the vanity cabinet off the floor 8 to 10 inches or putting it up on legs is one way to create the illusion of more space.


One of the most visible aspects of a bathroom design is affected by the choice of tiles. They set the ambience and pallatte for the overall room. Tile installation must be done at the highest professional level. The slightest crooked, cracked or misaligned tile will ruin the view of an excellent bathroom.

Bathroom Lighting

Careful design of lighting in a bathroom can add a dramatic impact to this private part of the house. For general lighting, use ceiling-mounted lights. For lighting in close proximity to water, they must be specialized for bathroom use and be water and vapor-proof. Accent lighting highlights architectural features and special fixtures influencing the mood and feeling.


Bathroom Storage

Storage room is vital to a bathroom to avoid clutter and help functionality. The classic cupboard beneath the sink is the most common, but wall cabinety is also an option. Cabinets are a merger of form and function and an expression of the overal style statement. Hence, they must be chosen wisely and with installed with care.

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